Property Valuations


Accuracy and reliability in real estate valuation is crucial to the success of every property transaction. The need for valuation services is peaking up as the property industry is increasing paste to a fast moving commercial one.

WinWin estates through its associates combines market data, experience and expertise to deliver accurate and understandable reports of immovable property in Cyprus for all kinds of immovable property (commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural, farmland, hotel and residential properties)and the interests therein for various purposes.

Our valuation experts provide services for:

  • Bank loan security purposes
  • Acquisition / Disposal of real estate
  • Investment fund portfolios
  • Accounts purposes (IFRS 13)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Compulsory Purchase / Compensation Claims
  • Tax purposes
  • Real Estate Disputes / Differences
  • Feasibility studies / Development advice